The staff team of H2O Church is made up of men and women who love, care and pray for the people at UC! If you have any questions or would like to talk to us, feel free to reach out to us! 

  • Grant Rohlfer

    Lead Pastor

    Collegiate Study: Adolescent and Young Adult Education, focus on social studies

    What I Enjoy: being with people, playing and watching sports, laughing

    Favorite Book(s): The Bible, The Great Gatsby, The Grapes of Wrath, Crazy Love

    How I First Got Involved in H2O: I came into college at BGSU looking for a Bible-based, missional church, and as soon as I got there I saw H2O everywhere I looked. I checked it out the first Sunday, fell in love with it, and the rest is history

    Something Quirky: I have a pretty extreme laugh that's been known to scare people and make babies cry. Also I hate writing on my skin.


    (513) 503-6115

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  • Kyle Barta

    Deacon, Sound Leader

    Collegiate Study: Information Technology

    What I Enjoy: Spending Time with People, Sports, Video Games, Deep Conversations, Hip Hop Dance

    Favorites Book(s): Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity, The Bible

    How I First Got Involved in H2O: I got saved between my 2nd and 3rd year and decided to check out a church on campus... loved the community.

    Something Quirky: I often spontaneously dance in public.

    (330) 754-8737

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  • Daniel Pirkle


    Collegiate Study: Business Administration, Masters in Christian Education

    What I Enjoy: Movies, Exploring, Talking with People, Being Active

    Favorite Book(s): The Chronicles of Narnia, The Jesus Storybook Bible, The Golden Book of Buccaneers

    How I First Got Involved in H2O: H2O is so awesome I heard about it all the way in Miami, FL. The community is amazing.

    Something Quirky: my favorite food is not peanut butter; I put ketchup on Mac & Cheese



    (256) 303-6833

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  • Cassi Rohlfer

    Campus Staff

    Collegiate Study: Spanish

    What I Enjoy: playing and watching sports, making new friends, eating ice cream

    Favorite Book(s): Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman, Radical by David Platt, World War Z by Max Brooks

    How I First Got Involved in H2O: my freshman year through a game of ultimate frisbee

    Something Quirky: I get made fun of on a consistent basis for holding my fork weird, and I find a lot of entertainment in awkward situations.


    (513) 349-3883

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  • SARAH Howard

    Women's Ministry Director

    Collegiate Study: I didn't go to college

    What I Enjoy: spending time with people, playing sports, eating pizza and ice cream

    Favorite Book(s): the Bible, Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge, and Radical by David Platt

    How I First Got Involved in H2O: my sister told me about it

    Something Quirky: I LOVE cotton candy.

    (571) 606-2555

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  • Laura Bothwell

    Worship Director

    Collegiate Study: Vocal Music Education

    What I Enjoy: Impromptu jam sessions, hiking, watching hockey, good coffee, and hanging with people

    Favorite Book(s): Breaking Free by Beth Moore, Forgotten God by Francis Chan, and Glory Hunger by JR Vassar

    How I First Got Involved in H2O: At the beginning of my sophomore year at Bowling Green I was searching for a new community. A childhood friend of mine told me she was going to a Bible study in my dorm, so I joined her and I immediately fell in love with the community and the gospel-centered messages.

    Something Quirky: I used to take weekly horseback riding lessons and still enjoy a ride when I can, I have a twin brother, and I love a nice cold Diet Coke. 

    (513) 378-7305

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  • Zach Obrecht

    Men's Ministry Director

    Collegiate Study: Professional and Creative Writing/Secondary Education

    What I Enjoy: Being with people, playing sports, reading, writing, pc gaming

    Favorite Non-Series Books: The Book Thief, All the Light We Cannot See, The Kite Runner

    Favorite Series Books: Lord of the Rings, Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter

    How I First Got Involved in H2O: I was a transfer student that first got involved in a super tight-knit life group and I quickly fell in love with the community and the vision of H2O

    Something Quirky: I consider swimming laps fun

    (419) 606-9805

  • Johnathan Stichweh

    Outreach Director

    Collegiate Study: Business Marketing and minor in Organizational Leadership

    What I Enjoy: mountains, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, sports, the Cleveland Browns

    Favorites Book(s): The Cat and the Hat

    How I First Got Involved in H2O: Coming into college I was not following Jesus.  My first semester I hit rock bottom and got connected with Grant Rohlfer; he lead me to the Lord and helped me get connected with H2O

    Something Quirky: whenever I see a snake I catch it.  I love reptiles


    (937) 823-2939

  • Ken Dillard

    Campus Pastor Guy

    Collegiate Study: Bachelor's in Business Administrative Management, MA/EdD in Christian Education / Leadership

    What I Enjoy: racquetball, grillin', Bible discussions, being / working in my yard, my family

    Favorites Book(s): Bible, (any) Louis L'Amour western, Celebration of Discipline, and The Fabric of Faithfulness

    How I First Got Involved in H2O: introduced by a mutual friend to the planting pastor, Matt, when he first arrived on the UC campus.  Been a good friendship and ministry connection on campus at UC since.

    Something Quirky: I have the spiritual gift of lawn-mowing and a reasonably wicked backhand in racquetball.


    (513) 295-6785