As the body of Christ, the Church is a beautiful mix of many different individuals with their own giftings, passions, and stories.  Because of this, we have a few specialized ministries within the church to help meet some of the needs in certain areas of our lives.  Below you will find information about these ministries as well as the contact info for someone in leadership within that ministry.  If any of these things stick out to you, we would love for you to take part in what the ministry has going on!


Refined is H2O's women's ministry.  Our goal is to strengthen, edify, and equip the women of the church to boldly live out their identities as children of the King.  Refined meets twice a semester.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Sarah Howard.

H2O City

H2O City is geared towards older members of the church who are no longer in undergraduate college.  We have recognized the fact that post-graduate life tends to look significantly different than the life of a typical college student.  This has a lot to do with schedule and availability for both ministry activities and personal relationships.  These differences tend to make it challenging for post-graduates to do ministry in a way that mirrors what most of H2O does.  H2O City exists to help adapt to these challenges so members can continue to have a fruitful and filling life in the church.  Being a part of H2O City means you're still invested in the campus community through discipleship, community, and service.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Rob Furia.