Life groups

The Importance of Community

H2O Life Groups are the core of our church. These are groups of 10-25 people meeting regularly to share about life, pray, dig deeper into God’s word and to grow spiritually.

At H2O we believe that real life transformation happens when men and women meet together to experience God. H2O Life Groups are a time when people can unplug from the chaos of college life and connect with each other and God. Our desire is that each person would be able to build relationships that not only last through college but for the rest of our lives. H2O Life Groups present that opportunity.

Life Groups are at 7pm, every Thursday in various locations around campus.


Calhoun Hall:

Meeting location TBA

Contact circleemail  Grant Rohlfer or circleemail Cassi Rohlfer

Dabney Hall:

Meeting location TBA

Contact circleemail  Trevor Gossett or circleemail  Natalie Nieto

Daniels Hall:

Meeting location: 65 West

Contact circleemail   Hunter Oda or circleemail   Rachel Bridgens

The Deacon:

Meeting location TBA

Contact circleemail   Mark Milholland or circleemail   Rachel Milholland or circleemail  Chad McClain  

Morgens / Marian Spencer:

Meeting location TBA

Contact circleemail   Zach Obrecht or circleemail   Laura Bothwell


Meeting location TBA

Contact circleemail   Aaron Whitaker or circleemail   Katherine Mayse

Siddall Hall:

Meeting location TBA

Contact circleemail  Daniel Pirkle, circleemail   Kayla Fisher, or circleemail Gracie Bair

Turner / Schneider (Jplex):

Meeting location TBA

Contact circleemail   Johnathan Stichweh or circleemail   Ashley Stichweh

Virtual Life Group (alternate time):

Meeting location: Zoom

Contact circleemail Ken Dillard or circleemail Ken Dillard

TAP Life Group:

Meeting location TBA

Contact circleemail   Ben Howard or circleemail  Sarah Howard