what is it?

What if COVID-19 has set us up better than ever to stay connected over the summer months? Being on video calls isn’t always fun and doing church from our living rooms still seems strange, but we have learned to make it work. So let’s take this virtual momentum and leverage it for a summer of pursuing God together.

The H2O Network Summer Intensive is an 8-week experience designed to deepen our relational connection with one another and develop us into men and women who walk intimately with our God. Among the many things COVID-19 has taught us, maybe the biggest thing is that God and His mission cannot be stopped. He is still pursuing us, transforming us. This summer is designed to position you to receive from the God who matchless in power.

What is the theme?

The theme for the summer is: Sit. Listen. Respond. As we live in transition, step into new realities, and face new challenges, we are more desperate than ever to hear the voice of God. But in order to listen, we must first learn to sit. And after we have heard Him speak, we have to act in obedience. It’s never enough to do one or two of these things. The rhythm of soul formation and gospel courage rides on all three.

What does it involve?


These sessions are the core of the Summer Intensive and will include worship, testimonies, and a teaching that will lead straight in Life Groups our church. All of these will be live streamed from one of of the H2O churches (find the link at the bottom of this page) and then we will break off into our normal Life Groups using Zoom. If you haven't been attending Life Group and need to know how to join one please contact Zach Obrecht.



Staff from the various H2O churches will offer workshops on topics related to the overarching theme of hearing from God. The hope is that we can cover a greater breadth and depth of content that we can during a main session. Each Workshop will only be offered once, so be sure to pay attention each week as we announce the topics.

This week's topics are listed below.  


this week's info

At 7PM on Thursday, we will go live from The H2O Network!

To view all of the previous week's messages, go to the H2O Church Network's YouTube page

This Week's Workshops:

Topic: Hearing From God by Pursuing His Light Burden

Speaker: Kent Ramsey

Description: God has already spoken to us. In Galatians, He said, “bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ”...are we really listening? This workshop will explore the idea of “burden bearing” as a way of hearing from God.

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Topic: Listening To God In Decision Making

Speaker: Cassi Rohlfer

Description: Have you ever struggled to hear from God or discern His will for your life? You're in good company! We all desire to hear from God, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine what He may or may not be saying. In this workshop, we will walk through some biblical principles and guiding practices to help you understand what it looks like to listen for God and follow His will for your life as you seek to make decisions for your future.

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Topic: Preparing For Marriage

Speaker: Matt Pardi

Description: Happy being single but wondering what God has for you in your future? DO you have someone in mind and you're wondering if you're ready for a serious relationship? Join us for a conversation about how to prepare to be a Godly spouse. Hear about the four leading causes of divorce and how to avoid them.

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Topic: God's Design and Plan For Unity

Speaker: Jadon Nichols

Description: The Word Unity has come up pften in 2020. Through COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and Presidential election preperations, how does the body of Christ unify as one? What does the bible say about our role as followers of Christ?

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Topic: Learning To Listen Well

Speaker: Eric Asp

Description: A condensed version of the “Listening for Heaven’s Sake” seminar by Equipping Ministries International. Come learn how to listen with warmth, empathy, and respect for others. We’ll talk about the way that you can improve your verbal and non-verbal forms of communication to make sure that others feel acknowledged and affirmed.

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Topic: Doing What It Takes To Get With God

Speaker: Todd Schlereth

Description: Ever struggle to make time to read the Bible or spend time with God? Me too. Not naturally disciplined? I'm not anyway. Let's look to Nehemiah 8 and discuss some practical strategies and heart work we can do to help prioritize God's Word so we can sit, listen and respond better.

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