Mark Milholland

Role: Field Staff

Collegiate Study: Architectural Engineering

What I Enjoy: playing sports (basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee), playing board games with friends, hanging with friends

Favorite Book(s): The Bible, To Kill a Mockingbird, Forgotten God

How I First Got Involved at H2O: During my Summer student orientation, I met several people one after another when exploring UC’s campus organizations.  I was invited to play ultimate frisbee that evening and quickly met several new friends that day.  I started attending the Siddall life group which was held in my dorm and quickly realized that this was a community of people I wanted to spend a lot of my time with

Something Quirky: I was recently informed by my wife that it is not normal that I fold my pairs of socks in half and stack them in my drawer.  I am a generally tidy person and I like my socks stacked and organized, what can I say

(937) 243-5267