Life groups

The Importance

of Community

H2O Life Groups are the core of our church. These are groups of 10-25 people meeting regularly to share about life, pray, dig deeper into God’s word and to grow spiritually.

At H2O we believe that real life transformation happens when men and women meet together to experience God. H2O Life Groups are a time when people can unplug from the chaos of college life and connect with each other and God. Our desire is that each person would be able to build relationships that not only last through college but for the rest of our lives. H2O Life Groups present that opportunity.

Life Groups are at 7pm Wednesdays and Thursdays in various locations around campus.


Exact locations TBD, but check the list below to find a Life Group near you!  We've also provided contact information for at least one male and female leader in each LG, so feel free to reach out with any questions!

Dabney (Meet in the Dabney Lobby, walk to 60 W. Charlton)

      -Curtis Kolb (

      -Cassi Rohlfer (

      -Grant Rohlfer (

Daniels (Daniels Lobby)

      -Caleb Marchand (

      -Livie Jobe (

      -Tyler Potter (

Morgens (Meet in the Morgens Lobby, walk to French Hall)

      -Lucas Myers (

      -Clara Knox (

Scioto (Meet in the Scioto Lobby, walk to French Hall)

      -Logan Douglas (

      -Hanna Riley (

Siddall: meets on Wednesdays (Siddall Lobby)

      -Daniel Pirkle (

      -Rachel Plum (

Stratford / The Deacon (Stratford Heights Pavilion)

      -Mark Milholland (

      -Jolie Stocker (

Turner / Schneider (Turner Lobby)

      -Matthew Dumford (

      -Ashley Stichweh (

      -John Stichweh (

Avondale (Off-Campus: 858 Rockdale)

This Life Group is predominantly focused on upperclassmen, grad students, and post grads, though anyone is still welcome!

      -Ben Howard (

      -Sarah Howard (

Off-campus Life Groups Discord Channel