Why buffalo?

Buffalo is a little over 6 hours from Cincinnati. However, it’s still within ear-shot of our church network. The closest H2O Church is in Kent (3.5 hours away). We think proximity to the network is valuable in terms of lending counsel and support. 

Here are some key reasons planting at UB would make sense:

  • UB currently has no on-campus church and not much involvement in other campus ministries.

  • UB has around 30,000 students attending.

    • Around 25% of these students are international students. Many of whom come from places where the gospel is not readily available. This is a particular passion of many of us interested in planting there.

  • Although UB is in New York, culturally it 'bridges the gap' between midwestern culture and New England culture.

  • Strategically, it would make sense for the H2O Network to move in the direction of the Northeastern United States. It is a particularly secular region, and tends to be very international. Planting at UB could be a first step in our network moving that direction.

  • Living in another city like Cincinnati can provide jobs for non-staff that are involved in the church plant.

  • The campus is pretty 'insulated' culturally, meaning that a church that meets on campus may be the most effective way to share the gospel with people attending UB.


If you have any additional questions that are not answered below, please reach out to Kyle Barta at 330-754-8737!

  • The need at the University of Cincinnati remains strong. There are thousands of unreached people that come to school here. However, we believe that creating a “sending culture” will develop leaders faster and ultimately benefit H2O Cincinnati in reaching its mission field. Further, we do not believe that H2O UC will be hindered in any significant way by sending some of our leaders out to plant another college-engaged church. So, if we can multiply our influence and send the gospel out to more people… why wouldn’t we?

  • The mission/vision of this church plant will have many similarities to H2O Cincinnati! But, there will be some differences as well. We should have a more clear vision by this summer. 

    But, briefly, we want every man, woman, and child to have repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the gospel. We believe that a UB church plant is a great opportunity to work toward that end. We want to develop a church that makes fully devoted followers of Jesus that will lay down their lives for Him and take His gospel to every person and people group. I am excited at how many different people groups we will have an opportunity to impact at UB alone, but a major part of the vision will be to send students overseas for their summers in hopes that they could take the gospel to unreached places. 

    Expect a more clear, concise vision statement in the coming months. 

  • Generally this is a work in progress. But, the Launch Team will move in the summer of 2022, get settled, and begin work in the Fall of 2022. Meeting students, starting Bible studies, etc. Hopefully will begin a church service by Spring of 2023 at the latest.

  • Well, you can pray about joining us and consider applying to be a part of the Launch Team. These would be staff, community members, and even transfer students that play a significant, leadership role in the launch of this new church plant. However, anyone can come and be a part of the church, but leadership responsibilities will be given to Launch Team members only. In addition, we would want to have conversations with you about what to expect. I would not come on this church plant as a non-Launch Team member and expect significant discipleship/investment from the Launch Team leaders

  • Staff roles will differ from non-staff roles because the amount of time staff can invest is going to be higher than non-staff. Further, roles will vary person-to-person depending on gifting and capacity.

    But generally, those that join the Launch Team will spend a lot of time meeting new students, discipling them, evangelising to them, leading Bible studies/huddles, helping with outreach events, helping with setup for Sunday services, hosting community events for students, helping with advertising, etc. The needs will be exhaustive once we get on the ground.

  • The first and most obvious way you can be supportive is to pray. Pray for our leadership, for discernment, vision, favor with the university, provision, and of course for the Lord to use this church plant for His glory.

    The second way you can be supportive is to financially support one of the staff members that is going. All of the staff in our church are support-based missionaries, and require monthly giving to spend their hours of work on campus with students. 

    Lastly, we need people to multiply their lives and continue to do kingdom work here at UC. If we are sending off many of our key leaders at UC, we will need others to replace them in order to continue to reach students at UC for the gospel. Further, we don’t want the UB plant to be the last church plant we send from UC. In order to bring the gospel to more campuses, and more students, we have to disciple well and multiply our lives.

  • The hope is that we will have a Launch Team and a “second wave” of staff, community members, or students that would join us a year later (Fall 2023). We will still be in the very early stages of the church plant, and the needs will still be very high. We understand that for some people, logistically, it may make sense for them to come in the second wave instead of at the launch. Further options beyond the Launch Team and second wave can be discussed on an individual basis.